Laboratory Directed Research & Development

Mid-Year Project Update

Mid-year project updates are requested by the LDRD Program from the lead scientists. The project update provides a project’s status, any mid-year re-direction that requires project re-planning and budget modifications, and an explanation of any project re-plan.

Check the LDRD calendar for exact due dates.

The project update provides the LDRD Program with a brief update including:

  • Project Status: Provide a summary of scientific or technical progress this past quarter, and include any requests for a project extension. Only projects that are successfully meeting their project proposal milestones are eligible to compete for future LDRD funds.
  • Project Plan: Provide a brief explanation for the remainder of the year. If there is a project re-plan provide an explanation for the re-plan focusing on changes from the proposal, future milestones, and anticipated results.
  • Budget: Provide budget update for the remainder of the current fiscal year, and confirmation of the budget requested in your LDRD proposal for the following fiscal year, where applicable.
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