Laboratory Directed Research & Development

Upload Proposal

All proposals (in Word format) and proposal budgets (in Excel format) must be uploaded via the LDRD SharePoint site. The LDRD SharePoint site is open to all users with a SLAC Windows Computer account and can be accessed from the following URL:

Submitting/Revising a Document - Uploading a revised document requires that the file name be the same as the original

Use the Proposal Template available from the Download Templates section of this website.

  1. Under Submitted Proposals, click the folder to which you want to add a document.
    Note: The folders are permission controlled.
  2. Click Add document.
  3. Click the Browse button to select a file to upload from your computer. Once finished, click Ok to move to the next screen.
  4. Fill in the Lead Scientist, Business Manager, and Financial Analyst fields to allow file access to those people. Use the Other Scientist fields for any additional contributors.
    Note: The Lead Scientist on all proposals MUST be SLAC staff or have a SLAC affiliation.
  5. Click Save to submit your document.
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