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FY19 Important Dates

  • LDRD Open House
    February 28, 2019
  • FY20 proposal submission deadline
    April 12, 2019
  • LDRD internal review
    May 16, 2019

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Despina Milathianaki
LDRD Program Manager


Elise Poirier
Strategic Planning Coordinator

New LDRD Projects for FY19

Engineering Atomically Controlled Complex Oxide/Aqueous Interfaces

Lead Scientist: Yasuyuki Hikita

This project seeks to establish a research platform for developing functional complex oxide/aqueous interfaces using atomic-scale controlled epitaxial heterostructures, in order to atomistically design their photoelectrochemical (PEC) properties. The goal is to establish a flexible experimental and theoretical platform on which to develop new materials systems, controlled on the atomic scale, to enhance the efficiency of hydrogen generation using water and sunlight.

Active Q-switching an X-ray Cavity to Enable a Regenerative Amplifier Free-Electron Laser at LCLS-II

Lead Scientist: Gabriel Marcus

This project focuses on demonstrating that an X-ray Bragg crystal in a relatively simple ringdown cavity can be actively Q-switched with a short-pulsed optical laser providing additional flexibility compared to the standard passive elements. The goal is to develop key enabling technologies to enhance the baseline LCLS-II performance by conducting targeted R&D on the optics needed for an FEL scale RAFEL cavity.

High-Throughput Real-Time Theory

Lead Scientist: Todd Martinez

Project description TBA

Generation and Manipulation of High Pressure, Low Temperature Plasmas Using High-Power RF Pulse Modulation

Lead Scientist: Brandon Weatherford

This project investigates a new method of generating low temperature plasmas (LTPs) for plasma chemistry, up to atmospheric pressure, using fast-pulsed high power RF structures. The goals are to use SLAC's expertise in HPRF to address two fundamental challenges in LTPs: efficient generation of uniform discharges at high pressures - up to atmosphere, and control of electrion energy distributions using pusle shaping vs. time to 'target' excited species, the latter of which has been identified by FEW as a 'grand challenge' in LTP science.


All Active Projects for FY19

Lead Investigator Project Title
Bare, Simon Development of Combined XAFS/FTIR In Situ Cell For Insight Into Catalyst Function
Bergman, Uwe Stimulated X-ray Emission Spectroscopy – A Powerful New Tool to Study Transition Metal Centers at XFELs
Carbajo, Sergio Charged Particle Beam Manipulation Using CEP-Stable Coherently Combined Discretely Polarized Laser Pulses
Chassin, David Next Generation Power System Operator Training for Smart Grids
Coffee, Ryan Machine Learning for Data Reduction at LCLS-II: A Path Toward 1 MHz Detection
Duris, Joe Gaussian Process Optimization: Machine Learning for LCLS, LCLS-II, and the FEL Farm of the Future
Fiuza, Frederico Modeling Strong-Field QED at SLAC
Hikita, Yasuyuki Engineering Atomically Controlled Complex Oxide/Aqueous Interfaces
Hwang, Harold Emergent Spintronics in Complex Oxide Heterostructures
Karunadasa, Hemamala Lead-Free Perovskites as Solar-Cell Absorbers
Lutman, Alberto Fresh-Slice Beams at the LCLS-Il
Marcus, Gabriel Acitve Q-Switching an X-ray Cavity to Enable a Regenerative Amplifier Free-Electron Laser at LCLS-II
Martinez, Todd High-Throughput Real-Time Theory
Sarangi, Ritimukta Studying Bacterial Dehalogenation in Action
van Driel, Tim Developing Impulsive Nuclear and X-ray Scattering to Study the Structural Dynamics of Liquids
Vecchione, Theodore Novel Photoemissive Materials for Improving the Experimental Reach of Future Hard X-ray FELs
Weatherford, Brandon Generation and Manipulation of High Pressure, Low Temperature Plasmas Using High-Power RF Pulse Modulation
Welander, Paul Optimization and Demonstration of a Parallel-Feed Accelerator Structure for SRF Applications
Wolf, Thomas Development of a High Repetition Rate Soft X-ray Source in Preparation of LCLS-Il Experiments

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