FY 2016 LDRD Projects

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FY23 Important Dates

  • FY24 call for proposals
    Q2 2023
  • FY24 proposals due
    May 2, 2023
  • FY24 proposal presentations
    June 2023


Elise Poirier

Strategic Planning Lead

New LDRD Projects for FY16

Molecular Basis of Ecosystems N Cycling: A Strategic SLAC Biosciences Program

Lead Scientist: John Bargar

This LDRD will develop capabilities to produce functional proteins and their complexes from environmental matagenomes, and characterize the structures of these proteins. In so doing, we will develop a new research competency strategically aligned with SLAC and BER missions.


Electrochemical Heat Harvesting and Cooling

Lead Scientist: William Chueh

In this work, we propose to investigate novel electrochemical heat engines for converting heat to electricity and for cooling that decouple charge transport from heat transport. If successfule, this work will seed a major initiative at SLAC for waste heat recovery and thermal management that goes significantly beyond the current state-of-the-art thermoelectric materials, and develops a team towards an Energy Frontier Research Center.


A Radio for Hidden Photon Dark Matter

Lead Scientist: Kent Irwin

We propose a two-year effort to develop the key technologies for a full stage-2 hidden photon search program based on a hidden photon radio with quantum-limited superconducting amplifiers, and to set important new model-independent limits on hidden-photon dark matter.


Multidimensional Interconnects

Lead Scientist: Chris Kenney

Most of the science performed at SLAC, throughout the DOE complex, and beyond is enabled by sophisticated electronic systems. Almost all of these electrical systems require interconnections among components and with the outside world for information and energy exchange. This proposal would develop the next generation of interconnects and assembly technology at SLAC by making use of the edges of semiconductor chips to extend systems into the third dimension.

Scattering Studies and Crystal Growth of Quantum Materials

Lead Scientist: Young Lee

The purpose of this project is to develop research capabilities for investigating the fundamental physics of quantum materials with a comprehensive effort involving x-ray and neutron scattering, crystal growth, and thermodynamic measurements. We will develop capabilities along two fronts: growing crystals of important quantum materials and preparing them for specialized x-ray and neutron scattering experiments. The overall theme of the research is to understand the phases of quantum matter such as exotic superconductors and quantum spin liquids. An important direction in our synthesis pursuits is to investigate whether doping a spin liquid with charge carriers can result in a superconducting state.

Megawatt THz Optical Parametric Amplifier

Lead Scientist: Emilio Nanni

We propose the first demonstration of a THz optical parametric amplifier (OPA) with full phase and amplitude control. The center frequency of the amplifier is 0.5 THz with a peak power of 1.25 MW, a pulse length of 10 ns and an instantaneous bandwidth of 50 GHz. The repetition rate is 120 Hz and the average THz power is 1.5 W.


Integrated Electrochemical-Biological System for the Production of Fuels and Chemicals from CO2

Lead Scientist: Alfred Spormann

We will research the unexplored interface of two technologies that are individually well established and examine the potential and bottlenecks of combining electrocatalyic synthesis of small metabolizable molecules with a microbial fermentation platform for CO2-neutral production of fuels and chemicals.


Accelerating Nanocrystal Synthetic Development

Lead Scientist: Christopher Tassone

We will develop a first-of-a-kind toolset to access real time monitoring and process control for nanocrystal synthesis in-situ at high temperature. It will consist of a flow reactor nanocrystal synthesis that will be integrated to the simultaneous small and wide angle scattering capabilities of SSRL beamline 1-5.


Quantum Optics and Biological Probes with Silicon Vacancies in CVD Grown Diamond

Lead Scientist: Jelena Vuckovic

We will investigate the silicon-vacancy (SiV) center in diamond for applications in both quantum technologies and in high resolution imaging. Our material approach is based on diamond CVD growth performed at Stanford by the groups of Nick Melosh and ZX Shen, including growth of nanodiamonds and diamond films from moleculardiamond templates, and growth of diamond epilayers on diamond substrates.


All Active Projects for FY16

Lead Investigator Title
Abild-Pedersen, Frank Ultrafast Surface Chemical Transformation at the X-ray Laser LCSC
Akerib, Daniel LUX/LZ Dark Matter Search
Bargar, John Molecular Basis of Ecosystems N Cycling: A strategic SLAC Biosciences Program
Bargar, John Real Time Control of Subsurface Fractures and Fluid Flow
Carini, Gabriella Cpix Detector Evaluation
Chueh, William Electrochemical Heat Harvesting & Cooling
Cohen, Aina Chemistry in Motion: Probing Enzymatic Reaction Mechanisms in Crystallo
Fiuza, Frederico Modeling Acceleration in Laser-Driven Shocks
Glenzer, Siegfried Center for Laboratory Astrophysics
Goldhaber-Gordon, David Structural Characterization of Electrolyte and Polymer Gated Electronics to Better Control Device Properties
Irwin, Kent A Radio For Hidden Photon Dark Matter
Kenney, Chris Monolithic Area Detector for Soft X-rays and Charged Particles
Kenney, Chris Multidimensional Interconnects
Kirchmann, Patrick Ultrafast 11eV Source for Time-Resolved Photoemission
Kuo, Chao-Lin KIPAC Initiative on Cosmic Inflation
Lee, Wei-Sheng Exploring the Scientific Capability of Momemtum-Resolved Resonant Inelastic Soft X-ray Scattering for Material Science Research
Lee, Young Scattering Studies and Crystal Growth of Quantum Materials
Nanni, Emilio Megawatt THz Optical Parametric Amplifier
Nordlund, Dennis New Initiative for Pioneering Research in Biology, Chemistry, and Material Science with State-of-the-Art Soft X-ray Spectroscopy
Osipov, Timur Spatial and Time Resolving Pixel Detector-Tixel
Reid, Alexander Development of Nano Ultrafast Electron Diffraction at SLAC
Spormann, Alfred Integrated Electrochemical-Biological System for the Production of Fuels and Chemicals from CO2
Studt, Felix CO2 to MEOH Conversion
Tassone, Christopher Accelerating Nanocrystal Synthetic Development
Toney, Mike Hybrid Organic/Inorganic Perovskite Films Solar Absorbers: What is the role of defect?
Toney, Mike Battery Electrode/Electrolyte Studies
Vojvodic, Aleksandra Beyond the Current Limitations of Water Splitting Catalysts
Vuckovic, Jelena Quantum Optics and Biological Probes with Silicon Vacancies in CVD Grown Diamond
Wakatsuki, Soichi PolyUbiquitin Structural Biology
Wang, Xijie Ultrafast Electron Diffraction Studies
Weker, Johanna Cross-Platform Multiple Length Scale Imaging System for Energy Storage Materials

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