News Archive: 2020

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Q4 FY20 "That's a wrap for FY20!"

Q4 FY20 saw the final selection of LDRD proposals for FY21 new project starts and the official completion of some great ongoing work. This issue of the LDRD newsletter features a chat with Sergio Carbajo about his latest LDRD project, a first look at the FY21 new projects, and an announcement for the LDRD proposal best practices workshop on December 4.

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Q3 FY20 "LDRD From Home"

This issue features the work of Thomas Wolf and his team, a second look at the LDRD Open House event in February, and a status update on the FY21 LDRD call for proposals.
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Meng Liang attending the LDRD open house

Q2 FY20 LDRD Program Newsletter

Time flies, we’re already halfway into FY20! Winter was a busy season for the LDRD program at SLAC.The annual Open House brought the lab together to explore our LDRD research for a fun, bustling evening in February. Lab Director Chi-Chang Kao announced the FY21 call for proposals for new LDRD projects. Let’s take a look at some of the recent LDRD activities at the lab.