National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

FY23 Important Dates

  • FY24 call for proposals
    Q2 2023
  • FY24 proposals due
    May 2, 2023
  • FY24 proposal presentations
    June 2023

LDRD Contacts

Elise Poirier

Strategic Planning Lead

National Environmental Policy Act


SLAC requires that all approved LDRD projects undergo a NEPA review to ensure that projects take action to protect, restore and enhance the environment.

A NEPA review is accomplished by the LDRD lead scientist or designate by completing the Environmental Compliance Checklist (ECC) available from the ES&H website.

The ECC covers:

  • Who, Where and What
  • Potential environmental impact, and details of the impact
  • Sustainable practice
  • Waste minimization, and details of waste minimization and disposal
  • Name of lead scientist or designate who has evaluated the checklist


The ECC is submitted to the ES&H NEPA Program Manager for review and approval. LDRD projects cannot be funded until the ECC is reviewed, approved. It may be necessary to obtain further approval from the DOE which the LDRD Program Manager will manage.

After submission the NEPA Program Manager will review the material, ask questions and determine what further actions must be taken. In most cases there exists a Categorical Exclusion (CX) based on the nature of the work activity for the project which can be applied to the ECC to gain approval to proceed. CXs are described on the ES&H website.

Office based research can be approved by the NEPA Program Manager without DOE approval. Approval status and records can be found on the NEPA Compliance SharePoint Site.

Approval can take anywhere from one week to one month.