Laboratory Directed Research & Development

Laboratory Directed Research & Development

The Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) Program is a vital source of internally directed funding at SLAC. Each year SLAC directs up to 6% of the Laboratory’s total budget, in accordance with DOE Order 413.2B, to fund scientific research that is either too new or high-risk to be funded by existing programs.

LDRD funds at SLAC support projects for up to two years providing the resources for leading scientists to make rapid and significant contributions solving critical national science and technology problems.

Knowledge gained from LDRD projects pushes the Laboratory toward vital and emerging scientific challenges keeping SLAC at the forefront of science and technology. These challenges encourage science that is innovative, creative, and align with the Laboratory's current mission.

Research Areas

Areas eligible for support include:

  • Advanced study of new hypotheses, new concepts, and innovative approaches to scientific or technical problems;
  • Experiments directed towards "proof-of-principle" or early determination of the utility of new scientific ideas, technical concepts, or devices.
Scale of Research

Within these eligible research areas, the LDRD program is conducted with a scale of effort using existing research facilities. The proposal projects can be characterized as:

  • Small-scale research and development activities or pilot projects;
  • Bench-scale research projects;
  • Computer modeling, conceptual design and feasibility studies.
Mark Hartney
Strategic Planning Director

Despina Milathianaki
LDRD Program Manager

Sherrie Stewart
LDRD Program Administrator

FY17 Important Dates
  • Annual Report (FY16) due: October 21, 2016
  • Mid Year Report (FY17) due: April 21, 2017
  • New FY18 LDRD proposal submissions due:
    March 17, 2017


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